About Studlaberg

STUDLABERG builds on quality and service

Studlaberg Health Technology is the sister company of Eirberg ehf., which was founded in December 2000 with the merger of OJK's Health Products Division (1906) and Hjálpartaekjabankinn, established 1975 by the Icelandic Red Cross and Sjálfsbjörg (national federation for physically disabled people)STUDLABERG (2016) building its image on quality and service, offers award-winning products for nursing and medical support, also solutions for people with special needs, technical aids for professionals, disabled and elderly people. - This includes nursing beds, wheelchairs, personal mobile hoists and assorted hospital products. Also ostomy products, catheters and breast prostheses.

Our employees are educated in the fields of

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Nursing

Our main objectives is to

  • Make people‘s life easier
  • Encourage individuals to self-help
  • Increase occupational safety and efficiency

Studlaberg has agreements with Icelandic Health Insurance on

  • Child and nursing rooms
  • Wheelchairs
  • Auxiliary hub-motors for wheelchairs
  • Walking aids, bath and toilet aids
  • Repair and maintenance services

Our products and service are inclined to increase people's Health, Well-being and Security. STUDLABERG strives to be in the forefront in its fields, serving medical institutions, professionals and individuals.

For further information please send us an e-mail at stb@stb.is or contact us by telephone +354 569 3180. To contac an individual employee, please visit our staff page.